The Curse Reverse

Behind-the-Scenes & Bonus Content

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Interview with Director, Carlee Smith

Film director and writer, Carlee Smith talks about how The Curse Reverse came to be.

Interview with Lead Actor, Style Dayne

Professional Actor, Style Dayne, discusses his starring role as Calvert in The Curse Reverse and his experience creating this film.

Bloopers & Outtakes

The real-life history of The Curse Reverse

The Curse Reverse features valuable antique historical items that were used as props and decorations in the film. Many of these items date back to the 1800s. Most of the old photos that are seen in the end credits, are from this time.

These rare pieces were essential in capturing the idea of what it was like to live in settler times and also to have a documented, digital preserve for these items to be seen without further degradation.

The film also featured some historical landmarks, such as the old church in Riceton, Saskatchewan. Esmerelda’s hut was filmed in an old East India Company trading post, that traded furs, tools, spices, etc. It had been converted into a bookstore at the time of filming. Prior to capturing the scenes with Esmerelda, we were warned that the bookstore was haunted… How fitting!