2022 PG 5.5m

Genres: Romance, LGBTQ+, Canadian, Filipino

A dreamlike love story exploring the newfound relationship between two queer twenty-somethings.

TO ALL THAT WE ARE is an absolute celebration of queer love and the beauty of finding yourself. Written and filmed in year two of the pandemic, I knew the story I was itching to tell was not one of tragedy or loss, but one of joy!

After a conversation with a dear friend about queer representation in media, I needed a love story I’d never seen before: one of first love, self-love, and all beautifully queer. I threw out the conventional structure of problem and resolution, and, instead, chose to capture one special moment of pure joy.

The soft colors and dream-like aesthetic of the film aim to encompass the innocence and newfound wonder of the two main characters. Their dance sequence at the end of the film is my personal homage to the flying car at the end of Grease. In my case, I used this as an act of defiance and freedom to show that even queer love stories deserve cheesy storybook endings.

My hope is that those who see this find the same joy that Andy and Fynn feel as they fall in love with each other and themselves.

– Kristian Cahatol

Release: 2022