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Twinkyboy has just bought his best friend, Birdman’s house… Unfortunately, Twinkyboy forgot about his girlfriend Sheila’s birthday! Twinkyboy quickly tries to make a surprise cake. Meanwhile Betty and Freddy Yeti learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Also, there are dinosaurs.


Twinkyboy buys a mystery package online, Birdman goes on a first date, and who keeps calling Sheila?! Freddy and Betty Yeti talk about strangers. We learn a bit about the ancient Greeks in this episode with a cyclops!


Twinkyboy and Sheila are supposed to look after Mr. Ralph’s pet crow while he’s on vacation. Where could it have gone?! Birdman tries to keep a plant alive. Freddy and Betty Yeti discuss the importance of hygiene. Goober the fish talks about the creatures in the ocean and why we need to keep the sea clean.


Birdman finds a mysterious egg in his nest! Do Twinkyboy and Sheila have what it takes to look after a baby? Betty and Freddy discuss honesty and what it means to be a good friend.Learn a bit about medieval times and see knights joust and duel!


Sheila decides that garbage isn’t a big deal, but soon learns that being untidy can have its consequences. Betty and Freddy discuss garden insects and the importance of pollination. Learn about very cool insects and arachnids in the ultimate educational face off!


The mortgage payment is overdue and Twinkyboy must get a job at Papapia’s restaurant. Freddy and Betty talk about various career options. There is also a visitor from outer space!