You can now watch a recorded version of our original musical, Love Ambition in the Spanish Inquisition! This musical was 3 years in the making and we are so happy to have brought it to life for the public to see.

Some of our favourite people, Jared Wilson and Manjula Rane, participated as extras in the new upcoming television series, Zarqa!

Zarqa Nawaz, the creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie, is set to release her new television series, Zarqa, very soon. The show revolves around a divorced Muslim woman who becomes jealous that her husband is remarrying. Hmmmm… Sounds a lot like our film, Divorcee at LargeOf course, Zarqa is a huge fan of ours and was inspired to create her show after seeing our film. We are so honoured!


We are very excited to present our latest set of merchandise, The Curse Reverse Hoodies!

The film’s soundtrack includes 2 notable LGBTQ+ icons:

Cherylyn Barnes

Australia’s very own Cherylyn Barnes, who is a very popular Youtuber and musician, especially amongst the gay community. She was made Internet famous by her songs “Moist” and “Lost Bich”. Both of which are featured in Divorcee at Large!

Nini No Bless

The musician who sings the featured song, “Play Thing (Twinky Boys)” is none other than Ms. Nini No Bless! You may remember Ms. Nini from the hit Canadian disco band, Lime! At the time she was known as Denis LePage and her music was well known across Canada, USA and Europe. Nini is a biological hermaphrodite who has advocated for trans acceptance since she came out.

We love you both dearly!

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