2020 PG 53m CC

Genres: Adventure, Dark Comedy, Independent

In the beautiful rural village Eden, the owner of restaurant La Vérité, a project developer and the mayor make plans for an huge entertainment park.

Homeless Betrand and his 12-year-old refugee protégé know the restaurant too well. They eat leftovers of bad quality and horrible taste from La Vérité’s garbage bin. For better meals from the bin Betrand secretly drops cooking tips in the restaurant letterbox. These recipes bring improvements that make the discriminating owner famous. More and more important guests come for diner.

Because of the plans and he new image Betrand and the boy are no longer welcome next to La Vérité’s doorsteps and get chased. Until their sporty and creative response turns the table, also providing the child a promising future.

Release: June 14th, 2020
Subtitles: English